Wholesalehandsanitizers.com is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based provider of bulk hand sanitizer gels and sprays. We understand that in times like these, access to critical tools to stop the spread of viruses like COVID-19 is of the utmost importance. We produce and distribute a wide variety of hand sanitizers for use by consumers and in healthcare settings alike, both under our own brands and our white-label program.


How Does Wholesalehandsanitizers.com Operate?

Wholesalehandsanitizers.com is an offshoot of Global Sanitizer Technologies. The company was founded in response to the coronavirus pandemic as a way to ease supply chain issues the market had been facing. Wholesalehandsanitizers.com is North American based, and is not reliant on foreign suppliers. We have partnered with leading North American sources of high-quality ingredients and packaging to ensure our products are the very best. Wholesalehandsanitizers.com is an industry leader in manufacturing excellence, with relationship building at the forefront.

All bottling, filling, and packaging is done in FDA-approved cGMP compliant facilities. Each container is marked with an NDC code for full FDA traceability. Our production spans the country with operations in Nevada, California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, and Florida. You can rest assured all of our products are of the highest grade and manufactured with safety in mind.

What Sets Wholesalehandsanitizers.com Apart?

Wholesalesanitizers.com is able to fulfill any sized order, big or small, thanks to our unparalleled supply chain connections. We have secured several contracts for USP-grade denatured 40B ethyl alcohol, the active germ-killing agent in hand sanitizer products. We only utilize American operations for our production, meaning the sanitizer you need is always nearby. Product consistency and efficacy are our top priorities; we strived to keep the needs of our customers first.

Our manufacturing and distribution standards go above and beyond FDA and OTC recommendations as we understand the need for product confidence during these uncertain times.

What Types of Sanitizer Products are Available?

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends hand sanitizer contain between 60-95% alcohol. However, we are aware of the need for alcohol-free formulations for those with sensitivities or allergies and have those available as well. Our formulations come in hand rubs, spritzes, disinfectant sprays, single-use packs, and much more. Consumers of all backgrounds and needs can benefit from the broad catalog at Wholesalehandsanitizers.com.

We currently distribute several varieties of hand sanitizer under the Medically Minded and Aloe Pura brands. These lines are specifically designed to be effective and prevent over-drying of skin. Our supply chain and standard operating procedures are built on the principle of reliability. We are on pace to have approximately 40 million units in monthly production by Q3 of 2020.

Wholesalehandsanitizers.com also has the ability to white-label sanitizer products, and is already doing so for many top US brands. Let our marketing and packaging experts take the reins in order for you to build your business; we can meet any specifications and are happy to take the guesswork out of brand building. Drop-shipping of sanitizer products is available, offering a streamlined approach to distribution.

Wholesalehandsanitizers.com – Here for You

Our founder and the entire Wholesalehandsanitizers.com team has the health and safety of our customers in mind at all times. We aim to help frontline healthcare workers, essential employees, and civilians stop the spread of illnesses like COVID-19. Our supply chain standards are highly regarded and among the best in the industry. We can fulfill any need, whether it’s bulk sanitizer or white-label service. You can rest assured we will stop at nothing to make sure important tools like hand sanitizer and disinfectant sprays get to those who need them most without delay.