Wholesale and bulk hand sanitizer is in high demand as the current events involving COVID-19 unfold and the existing supply is failing to meet these critical demands that are being witnessed in the consumer marketplace. In an effort to assist in this crisis and support our communities, Global Sanitizer Technologies has coordinated with our partners to completely convert production lines in order to create a CDC-approved hand sanitizer at one of the lowest cost points possible. Offering this high quality, effective hand sanitizer at an affordable rate and without supply interruption is the goal of Global Sanitizer Technologies, as we work to support those in the healthcare industries, first responders and essential employees.

bulk hand sanitizer

How Our Bulk Hanitizer is Made

Our hand sanitizer is manufactured in FDA-registered facilities under cGMP/OTC standards, following the guidelines previously set forth in this industry regarding accuracy and consistency, while simultaneously exceeding the testing requirements for label validity. In-house and third-party lab testing are standard and meet FDA regulations for an effective hand sanitizer. Bulk and wholesale hand sanitizer is created using denatured 40B or 3C ethanol, which is denatured in either tert-butyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Approved by the FDA for topical use and in the production of other general sanitizers meant for surfaces or larger areas of the body, ethanol alcohol is a powerful aid in the fight against pathogens like bacteria, fungi and viruses that exist on the surfaces around us. 

Global Sanitizer Technologies utilizes an ingredient called carbomer for the purpose of thickening the ethyl alcohol into a gel-like consistency for the sake of convenience when traveling or if hand washing is not appropriate or possible. In order to further perfect the sanitizer formulation, we have worked with professionals within this industry to determine the best additives such as moisturizers like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, that work to ensure the skin is not overly dry from excessive hand washing or the over-use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers such as these.  

Does Hand Sanitizer Work?

All of our wholesale and bulk hand sanitizers are formulated to meet CDC guidelines for a minimum of 70% alcohol, however, these blends can be formulated to contain a higher percentage of alcohol upon request. Specific industries requiring a higher percentage of alcohol for medical and pharmaceutical customers, are in good hands with Global Sanitizer Technologies as our teams are well versed in the hand hygiene guidelines that have already been established in the healthcare industries.

Clinical research shows the efficacy of hand sanitizers in surgical settings when observing proper handwashing procedures and the 30-second hand sanitizer application rule. This rule refers to the action of circulating a sanitizer throughout the crevices of the hands, dispersing the ethanol alcohol across the surface of the skin to destroy the bacteria and microbes that we attract. The action of friction when rubbing sanitizers into the skin, in addition to the alcohol in the formulation, causes the cellular walls of pathogens to collapse in on themselves, as the lipids which make up the cell are deteriorated.

bulk hand sanitizer
Hands spraying alcohol hand sanitizer for disinfection hygiene and protection against COVID-19 and other diseases

White Label Bulk Hand Sanitizer

Global Sanitizer Technologies specializes in both white label and private label manufacturing of our bulk hand sanitizers which includes a variety of finished products like traditional hand sanitizer gel as well as sanitizer liquid sprays, disinfectants, and general surface cleaners. Customers wishing to add any of these products to their already existing line using our white label program, can order these finished products and place their own brand labels onto the products of their choice with the assurance that their selection has already been approved for their antimicrobial and antibacterial capabilities. 

Customers who need assistance in developing their own brand image can utilize our private label program that features an in-house graphic design which enables us to provide a turn-key style operation that includes manufacturing, packaging and the application of your newly designed labels to your sanitizer gel, sanitizer spray, or any other sanitizing product of your choosing.  Global Sanitizer Technologies saves your company money by providing these unique programs to your business so that you can better allocate your company‚Äôs time and resources to revolve around marketing and in house operations, versus worrying about production, manufacturing, labeling and shipping your sanitizers to customers or retailers. 

Bulk Hand Sanitizer Shipping

We ensure that all products are shipped according to current FDA regulations and come fully labeled and tested to guarantee quality control and complete compliance with CDC guidelines. If your business is struggling to meet this current, and more than likely sustained demand for bulk hand sanitizers, please contact one of our account representatives to discuss your specific needs. Whether you need help designing labels through our private label program or you already have labels prepared to print and apply, our services can be customized to be fully compatible with your business plans. 

Wholesale Hand Sanitizers is Here For You

Our commitment to support essential businesses like grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies along with the brave men and women within the medical field is unwavering. It is now more important than ever to be prepared and remain healthy so we can flatten the curve of this specific outbreak and reduce the impact of future pathogens. Global Sanitizer Technologies is excited to be able to help those directly affected and to meet the demand for proper hand hygiene, which is only expected to increase as we move forward.