Hand Sanitizer company, Wholesale Hand Sanitizer, acquires Opinionresearch.com domain

Wholesale Hand Sanitizer, a privately-owned biotechnology wholesale, and bulk hemp sanitizer company, specializing in sanitizer including some of the most sought after CBD Products, announced the acquisition of Opinionresearch.com domain, an acquisition aimed to focus on marijuana legislation and the legalization of hemp-derived cannabinoids outlined in the 2017 Farm Bill. Wholesale Hand Sanitizer expects to be a leading company in the health care industry, promoting education regarding cannabis law and the benefits of cannabinoids, using fact-based information and resources. Founded in 2015, in Las Vegas NV, Wholesale Hand Sanitizer has become a primary distributor of premium, industrial hemp-derived cannabinoids, for CBD drop shipping companies wishing to add a wide variety of tinctures or isolates into their product line. With options ranging from  Full Spectrum CBDBroad Spectrum CBD, and THC Free CBD options, in either distilled or non distilled formulations, their catalog include a wide range of delivery methods and creations, while also allowing companies to select raw ingredients for custom blends. Wholesale Hand Sanitizer offers both White Label and Private Label programs. They seem to understand the acceleration of the industry of cannabis and are experts in guiding new businesses through selection, manufacturing packaging, and distribution offered under their turn-key style services. Wholesale Hand Sanitizer’s success relies upon meeting the needs of the market by providing in-house and third-party laboratory testing to ensure consistency, potency, and accuracy in label descriptions. Transparency can be seen in the paperwork and documentation they offer, which shows strain-specific, non-GMO, organic hemp plants grown with no chemicals, pesticides, or solvents, full of naturally occurring cannabinoids like CBD. With these methods, and working closely with their certified hemp farms and farmers, Wholesale Hand Sanitizer is able to develop some of the less common cannabinoids, making materials like CBC Isolate, CBG Isolate, and CBN Isolate more readily available.

In fact, the acquisition of Opinionresearch.com will be a positive addition for Wholesale Hand Sanitizer, who is very excited to connect and encourage other people in the cannabis community to lobby for cannabis laws that benefit medical patients, and healthy Americans, who wish to understand the properties of pharma- grade cannabinoids and use them for overall wellbeing and prevention of illnesses.

CBD businesses looking for products like CBD Tinctures CBD Gummies, CBD Soft-gels,  and/or CBD Capsules, should contact one of the account representatives at Wholesale Hand Sanitizer, so they can take part in the thriving industry that is bound to be one of the fastest-growing markets in the new decade.