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Most people never thought twice about being able to find hand sanitizer in their local stores until the recent Corona Virus began to spread rampantly throughout the USA and world.  As consumers began to purchase all available inventory of hand sanitizer from online retailers like Amazon.com, the reality of just how important this essential product began to take form.  Consumers now ask questions like

These are all now important questions that consumers have as they actively seek out a reliable and trustworthy bulk hand sanitizer and wholesale hand sanitizer supplier.

Bulk hand sanitizer and wholesale hand sanitizer has never been in such demand as it is now.  The recent explosion of the COVID-19 virus has brought renewed attention to the importance of hand sanitizer and sanitizer sprays as part of our everyday life here in the United States.  The best hand sanitizer has over 70% alcohol by volume and is usually found easily in stores like Bath and Body Works, WalMart, and Costco.  The hand sanitizer market has been dominated by brands such as Purell hand sanitizer, Germ X hand sanitizer, EO hand sanitizer, Baby Organics hand sanitizer, Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer, Clorox hand sanitizer, as well as WalMart hand sanitizer.  The recent surge in demand for these hand sanitizer products has exposed the hidden truth about the supply chain for these products as nearly all of them rely on China for their bottles, labels, and sanitizer gel.  As a result of the global demand for hand sanitizers, Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of these products are overwhelmed with orders that have caused a major shortage in the availability of them.  Global Sanitizer Technologies is an American based company that is leading the charge to build a completely vertically integrated hand sanitizer supply-chain in North America.

A hand sanitizer dispenser or hand sanitizer holder is commonly found in hospitals and health care provider facilities and we never thought much about them until they were empty.  Foaming hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer wipes were always readily available whenever we needed them.  But these are different days in the world as antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antiviral formulated products are fast becoming the new norm.

With the lifting of the FDA hand sanitizer regulations, many bulk and wholesale hand sanitizer suppliers began to look for supplies to begin mass-producing these now vital products.  The complete failure of the Purell hand sanitizer and Germ X hand sanitizer brands to supply their products effectively during this crisis has opened the doors for new sanitizer brands to enter the market and begin reducing the shortage of these products.  Consumers are even looking to DIY hand sanitizer (Do it Yourself Hand Sanitizer) as a way to at least protect their hands when a sanitizer is sold out at stores.  These homemade hand sanitizer products can be effective if they are produced according to the FDA guidelines on the preparation of hand sanitizer formula starting with denatured alcohol.  Natural hand sanitizer is also highly sought after as consumers learn how to make hand sanitizer at home.

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Because alcohol can dry your hands, it is important to have essential oils or moisturizing ingredients in your hand sanitizer product.  Most moisturizing hand sanitizer has glycerin in the formula to help keep hands moist and prevent dryness.  Scented hand sanitizer can help cover the smell of the high percentage of alcohol present in these products.  Because hand sanitizer can help kill the virus by decoupling the protein of the virus rendering it unable to spread, hand sanitizer products contain a high amount of alcohol and so consumers should be aware of hand sanitizer dangers when using these products.  As a result of the dangers from hand sanitizer getting in the eyes or on sensitive skin, many companies have begun to produce alcohol-free hand sanitizer as an alternative to ethanol or isopropyl based hand sanitizers.
When seeking a reliable wholesale hand sanitizer or bulk hand sanitizer gel or spray manufacturer or supplier, consider the reputation of the company and how the product is made.  Companies that rely on China for their bottles and hand sanitizer gel or spray may not be the most reliable source.  Global Sanitizer Technologies is focused on building the North American supply chain for hand sanitizer ingredients necessary to manufacture these vital products.  Global Sanitizer Technologies Inc. (GST) is also developing surface sanitizer sprays that incorporate nanotechnology to coat surfaces with unique patented ingredients that can prevent viruses and bacteria from forming on the surfaces in hospitals, bathrooms, kitchens, and other surfaces commonly known to spread illness.  Global Sanitizers was started by the founder of Global Cannabinoids, one of the largest bulk and wholesale B2B suppliers of hemp products in the world.  Because Global Cannabinoids controlled a large supply chain of ethanol that is used in the extraction of hemp to produce CBD oil, the company was able to secure vast amounts of denatured ethanol and divert this supply to OTC and GMP manufacturing facilities for the production of hand sanitizer.  The company also launched the very first cannabinoid-infused hand sanitizer in the world with CBD and CBG, known for their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which makes for a great addition to any hand sanitizer formulation in combination with the proven effectiveness of alcohol at a minimum of 60% potency as recommended by the CDC and FDA.

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