Wholesalehandsanitizers.com, one of the top retailers of high-quality hand hygiene solutions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the domain lucasenergy.com, a resource for pool owners hoping to keep their systems clean and well-maintained. The deal was made with the intention of boosting awareness of wholesalehandsanitizers.com while also promoting the use of these products to aid in the fight against potentially dangerous germs and viruses like COVID-19. Alcohol-based sanitizers have been deemed an effective alternative to washing hands with warm water and soap when that act is not possible.


The procurement of lucasenergy.com comes amidst an unprecedented crisis the nation has never seen. Preventing the transmission of pathogens is front and center of many minds, leading to a large uptick in wholesale hand sanitizer sales. Many retailers have found their inventories completely depleted with no signs of being replenished due to overseas production or shipping delays. Wholesalehandsanitizers.com is based in the USA and only deals with fellow domestic supply chain partners, never experiencing inventory issues. Patrons of lucasenergy.com will soon discover the bulk hand sanitizer gels, rubs, sprays, and wipes they need are only a click away.


The audience will also learn more about the interesting ways the wholesale CBD industry is stepping into the hand hygiene space. With the need for wholesale hand sanitizer at an all-time high, both white label CBD companies and private label CBD brands have decided to do their part to help stop the spread of illness and infection. If hemp processing is done onsite, then there will typically be stocks of components of hand sanitizers. This makes it extremely easy for these CBD wholesale businesses to make these critical tools and distribute them to the masses. The opportunity to support their communities is also a huge motivator in this.


Acquiring lucasenergy.com is an exciting moment for wholesalehandsanitizers.com as it will allow them to continue their mission of getting access to hand hygiene products to those who need them most. Warmer climates where pools are common are starting to open up after lockdowns but citizens must remain diligent to ensure infection rates do not increase. Access to bulk hand sanitizer is more important than ever and wholesalehandsanitizers.com has what it takes to fulfill on any sized order, whether for large-scale industrial operations or a family of five. They are looking forward to sharing their capabilities with visitors to the domain and offering their effective and high-quality products for the duration of the pandemic and beyond.