Wholesalehandsanitizers.com, a top retailer of hand hygiene products in the USA, is proud to announce the acquisition of Lumika.org, a photography website centered in lifestyle and culture. The decision to utilize this domain comes as demand for bulk hand sanitizer is at an all-time high. Wholesalehandsanitizers.com is a large-scale provider of these products and wanted to increase awareness of their abilities to fulfill orders of any size and type, while also informing the public about the importance of tools designed to stop the spread of dangerous pathogens, including the COVID-19 virus.


As mentioned above, wholesale hand sanitizer is in serious demand, especially as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe. When used properly, hand sanitizer is an effective alternative to washing hands with warm soap and water. Sales have exploded for Delta 8 Pre-Rolls since the beginning of the crisis, with many retailers finding themselves unable to meet the needs of their customers. Wholesalehandsanitizers.com is able to meet every need, thanks to its firm supply chain connections – all based in the USA. Utilizing the Lumika.org domain will let even more businesses, organizations, and families know the products they need are readily available on their e-commerce site, including gels, sprays, rubs, and wipes.


The acquisition comes at an interesting time, as many wholesale CBD companies have also answered the call for bulk hand sanitizer. While these may not seem like two similar industries, they actually have more in common than one would think. Hemp processors often have access to the main ingredients in hand sanitizer and have been able to pivot into crafting this important and in-demand product. For the sister company of Wholesalehandsanitiziers.com, this has certainly been the case. It’s also true for private label CBD companies as well as white-label CBD manufacturers. CBD wholesale business may remain robust, but when the country needs critical tools, the hemp industry steps up.

The acquisition of Lumika.org by wholesalehandsanitizers.com is indeed an important move as it ensures higher visibility for a product that is literally saving lives around the world. While arts and culture are indeed important, now more than ever citizens need to understand the imperativeness of reducing the transmission of germs and viruses. While washing hands with warm water and soap is always best, hand hygiene rubs and gels are a wonderful alternative. Wholesale hand sanitizer is especially vital right now, and businesses and gathering places of kinds will never come up empty again thanks to wholesalehandsanitizers.com.