Wholesalehandsanitizers.com, a leading domestic retailer of high-quality hand hygiene products, is excited to announce the acquisition of nuvitahempshake.com, a wellness website dedicated to hemp-based beverages. The deal is meant to boost awareness of the availability of a variety of sanitizer implements to domain visitors and beyond. As the coronavirus crisis pummels the nation, wholesalehandsanitizers.com wants everyone to know – including users of nuvitahempshake.com – they’re here for the duration.


The purchase of nuvitahempshake.com comes at a time of unprecedented crisis for the country. Stopping the spread of dangerous germs and viruses is at the forefront of everyone’s minds and the demand for items like disinfectants and bulk hand sanitizer has skyrocketed. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued guidance in 2002 stating proper hand sanitizer use is an effective alternative when washing hands with warm soap and water is not possible. Unfortunately, due to reliance on overseas production, many stores have seen their inventories depleted with no sign of returning. Wholesalehandsanitizers.com is headquartered in the USA and only deals with fellow domestic supply chain partners, meaning they are always able to fulfill orders of any size. They look forward to sharing this Website information with patrons of the domain and offering their wholesale hand sanitizer wipes, gels, rubs, and sprays.


Visitors to nuvitahempshake.com will be interested to know about all the wholesale CBD companies now producing hand sanitizers. White label CBD makers and private label CBD brands alike have heard the call, understanding their communities are in dire need of these products. Many hemp processors already have contracts secured for the ingredients in wholesale hand sanitizer, making it an easy decision to begin manufacturing. Some of these companies are spinning out entirely new lines just to keep up with the demand for their bulk hand sanitizer rubs and gels. Fans of nuvitahempshake.com know that CBD wholesale firms are committed to wellness, and this yet another example. 


The team at wholesalehandsanitizers.com is looking forward to engaging with the patrons of nuvitahempshake.com, and sharing their catalog – and company ethos. No one can be certain how long the coronavirus pandemic will last, but one thing is for sure:  wholesalehandsanitizers.com will always have the hand hygiene tools necessary to protect against infection. The company was founded on the principle of access and strives to ensure anyone from office managers to mothers can procure these items at any time.