Wholesalehandsanitizers.com, purveyors of high-quality hand hygiene products, is happy to announce the acquisition of organiccollective.org, a popular women’s jewelry site. The move is meant to increase awareness and access to bulk hand sanitizer, something that has become critical as the COVID-19 pandemic grips the nation. Visitors will now be able to learn about the company’s impressive capabilities as well as their commitment to ensuring people around the world stay safe from the spread of dangerous germs and pathogens. Hand sanitizer, when used properly, is an effective alternative to washing hands when that act is not possible. Click Here For Delta 8 Products


The news of the acquisition comes as access to wholesale hand sanitizer has dwindled for some store owners. Overseas production delays and supply chain hiccups have become almost commonplace especially as demand for bulk hand sanitizer has grown exponentially over the duration of the coronavirus crisis. As one of the leading domestic retailers of hand sanitizer rubs, gels, sprays, and wipes, wholesalehandsanitizers.com has come to understand these issues and is proud to be one of the only sanitizer companies to have totally secure partnerships meaning they can always deliver. 


Visitors to organiccollective.org will also be fascinated by the developments in the wholesale CBD space as more processors begin creating wholesale hand sanitizer. Extracting cannabinoids from the hemp plant often uses the same materials in hand sanitizer, so the pivot is an easy one for these processors to make. CBD wholesale companies across the board are adding hand sanitizer products to their catalogs, from white label CBD firms to private label CBD suppliers. Community is often at the forefront for hemp companies and providing this critical tool to the people within these communities is something many of them are glad to do. 


The procurement of organiccollective.org is an exciting deal for wholesalehandsanitizer.com as it will introduce the company to an entirely new group of people interested in fashion. While hand hygiene may not be the hippest of topics, it is one that is extremely crucial at a time when reducing the transmission of germs has become a life or death matter. The company intends to use the domain to alert visitors that hand sanitizer products are readily available whenever and wherever they need it. From large industrial facilities to the house down the block, any size order can be met. Sanitizers will be a regular part of life for the foreseeable future, and wholesalehandsanitizers.com will be there every step of the way.